Maldives Luxury Resorts & Residences

The Maldives is the ultimate beach holiday for the romantic couple, sport adventurer and family alike. Outlain as a chain of over 1,190 diverse islands with 200 inhabited by Maldivians in the Indian Ocean, known as the Archipelego, Maldives is host to about 100 unique vacation resorts. Surrounded by stunning turquoise waters, you will rest in luxurious villas on stilts over the water extending from each island, or in hotels on the islands themselves. With so many Maldives  resorts to choose from, every vacation dream is just waiting to be planned.

At NULuxury Travel, we work one-on-one with you to choose the right island, the perfect activities, and secure the utmost in affordability through our superior network of experienced agents. Off the coast of Sri Lanka and India, the Maldives islands are accessible only through seaplane or boat. This creates a unique experience as the plane or speedboat skims the surface of perfectly shallow waters reaming with over 300 species of tropical fish and lands on pristine sandy beach shores. As your encounter continues, upon arrival to your hotel or villa, you are greeted with superior customer service as clients of NULuxury Travel.

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