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The NuLuxury Trave  Difference
We curate the best luxury villas in Maldives and package them to meet you at the point of your needs. But our strength, and difference, is in our local knowledge. Being 100% local, we know the  Maldives luxury vacation hotspots as you do your backyard. 


Maldives – Simply Because It’s Worth It

It’s impossible to think about Maldives and not imagine long, pristine, strips of powdery white sand, palm trees just dancing melancholic on the ocean’s soft breeze and breathing over-water villas that bring you close to the nature’s heart and utterly relaxation.

The Indian Ocean has created amazing lagoons just for the Maldives, an island nation blessed with magnificent scenery and fascinating sights. Capture the sunrise or sunset in the Maldives and you’ll be in awe with this divine spectacle of colors.

For all these and the impeccable services provided by the Maldivian resorts, Maldives is simply worth it and the natural choice, especially if you’re planning for your wedding, honeymoon or for a refugee from the daily life. Nothing in the Maldives reminds guests about time and space, worries and unresolved issues! Everything here invites to relaxation, rediscovery and rest!

So, choose Maldives because it’s worth it and, most importantly, because you’re worth it!

Romance Is in the Air

What better place to plan a romantic escapade or a couple’s getaway if not Maldives, a destination where everything inspires romance and invites to daydreaming and holding hands while admiring breathtaking sunsets?

Mesmerizing and secluded, romantic and cozy, the atolls of the Maldives are the perfect destination for lovers searching for their own corner of paradise. The resorts in Maldives invite guests to discover wonderful romantic packages that include not only luxurious accommodation, but also romantic dinners served on the beach, under the moonlight, boat rides into the sunset and spa treatments dedicated to couples.

It’s enough to take a look at the glamorous honeymoon packages or the intimate retreats for couples that search for peace 

Say Your Wedding Vows Barefoot

What better place in the world to say your love vows than Maldives, a small corner of paradise where the lagoons are breathtaking, the beaches are powdery soft and the sun is always shining? Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and creates an idyllic background for the wedding of your dreams.

You don’t even need wedding decorations, if you decide to choose one of the wedding packages created by us in collaboration with the Maldivian luxurious resorts. The beach will be the perfect scene for walking down the aisle, while the Indian Ocean’s waves will sing romantic trills, and the beautiful, local flowers will complete the painting with a touch of vibrant colors.

Our team will take care of everything else – from accommodation and food to creating a breathtaking ceremony.

Forget about high heels and tie! Walk barefoot towards each other and start your life together on the sands of the Maldives.

Declare Your Everlasting Love

Who says that romance ends once you get married? You can declare your love over and over again until the end of time! Renew your vows in one of the most romantic places on our planet: a beach in the Maldives. Exchange new love vows and loving glances during a romantic beach ceremony, having all those you love close to you.

An idyllic setting, Maldives offers you and your guests amazing vow renewal packages that include from the actual ceremony and accommodation to spa treatments and fun activities and tours. After the ceremony, turn your vow renewal event into a fun, family vacation or a second (third etc.) honeymoon.

Our team has the best ideas for you! Say “I Do” as many times as you wish. Long live love!

You Can’t Say No to an Overwater Villa

No matter how hard you try to resist its charm, it’s impossible not to dream about spending at least one of your Maldives vacations in an overwater villa! And Maldives has the most beautiful and luxurious overwater villas in the world!

Basically, Maldives equals overwater, posh villas that provide a vast array of excellent facilities designed to create a romantic setting for a memorable stay.

Whether you just want to be lazy on sun lounge, on your own terrace, or jump into the waters of a hypnotic lagoon right from your bed, we have prepared overwater villas that you just can’t say no to. Our villas come with spacious, airy bedrooms, decorated with elegant furniture and equipped with glass floors and ceiling, as well as private pools and terraces.

Maldives Is About Pampering

But Maldives is not only a destination for romance! It’s also a haven for pampering your body and soul, for reaching the highest level of relaxation. Come and unwind in one of the luxurious resorts we have prepared for you that guarantee utmost comfort and relaxation.

Equipped with luxurious spa centers, where beauty treatments and a variety of massages meet yoga and meditation classes, our resorts create the perfect setting for unwinding and forgetting all about routine and worries.

Add to the “manmade” relaxing packages the power of breathtaking beaches, crystalline lagoons and blue skies to take away tension and you’ll have the definition of a vacation in Maldives. Count on us to provide the best relaxing package for you!

Discover the Underwater Universe of Maldives

If you think the Maldivian surface world is breathtaking, just wait to discover the magnificent underwater universe. The abundance of marine life, the colors, and the purity of the underwater Maldivian world will absolutely enchant you and change your perspective about beauty.

Under the waters of the Maldivian turquoise lagoons hides an astonishing tropical paradise, where extraordinary creatures await to be discovered! From lazy turtles and fascinating manta rays to colorful tropical fish and reefs, the marine world of Maldives is a spectacular show of grace and beauty.

Book your package in Maldives and always add a diving experience to it! You will never forget it!

Maldives Luxury Stay with a Touch of Decadence

If you’re planning a vacation in Maldives, it means you’re planning to pamper yourself!  All our Maldives Holiday packages are designed to pamper and provide utmost comfort, and add just a touch of decadence to make our guests feel like royalty.

Maldives is the best place to feel special and pampered, so choose one of our packages to discover how vacationing should really look and feel like. From luxurious accommodation and amazing amenities, such as private pools and sun decks, to personal butlers, spa treatments and extraordinary culinary experiences in ocean front restaurants and fascinating tours of the islands, we have them all!

We promise a memorable Maldivian experience and this is exactly what you’ll be booking and getting! Book your vacation in Maldives and enjoy the most lavishing vacation in your life!

Have fun in Water

Maldives is worldwide known for its impressive water sports offer that includes from snorkeling and diving to parasailing, kayaking and windsurfing!

Whether you just want to enjoy the best swimming sessions in your life, discover breathtaking marine life or feed your need for adrenaline with high speed windsurfing and parasailing, we are partners with the best sports centers in the country, so you can be sure we’ll get you a great deal.

Moreover, most of our vacation packages include water sports activities because almost all resorts in Maldives have their own sports and diving center. So, if you like an active vacation, come to Maldives! Come to Maldives even if you like being lazy on the beach! We have the best packages for you too!

Have Fun on Land

If you prefer to have your feet on the ground, then you’ll certainly love the fun activities prepared by the resorts in Maldives. Whether we’re talking about golfing, beach volley or tennis, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect setting and equipment for them.

Our vacation packages include also access to gym centers, as well as the possibility to play pool table, darts, badminton and other sports that will keep you healthy and happy.

Children too will be enjoying a wide variety of land sports with plenty of playgrounds to run around and have fun available for them, so that the grown-ups can relax sipping a cocktail and taking in the Maldivian sun.

Have Fun Every Day

Sports are not the only fun activities prepared by our team in collaboration with the Maldives resorts. Not even close!

We have also prepared for our customers amazing tours that will help you uncover the Maldivian culture and traditions, as well as the authentic lifestyle of the locals. Moreover, our tours also include safari trips, fishing, sailing and cruising, so there’s something for everyone.

Maldives is a country rich not only in beaches and breathtaking lagoons, but also in historical preserves and attractions. Come and dance on rhythms of traditional music such as BoduBeru, Thaara and Bandiya, and feel the genuine energy of the Maldives.

Visit Maldives and you’ll want to return…over and over and over again! No one gets tired of the scenery and luxury that await in Maldives!

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