Island-Hopping and Other Maldives Adventures

Some people view beach vacations as a time to relax, read a book, dine on unique foods or just swim.  Others need more adventure.  The resort provides all for the first scenario and can arrange the other activities.

Try Island-Hopping On For Size

Want a closer look at some of the other 1000+ islands?  Want to understand the geography of this unusual part of the world?  Island-hopping can be the answer, but it can also be tricky as there is no public network for getting around.  Below are some sample itineraries that your tour operator or resort can help you arrange.

You can combine stays at 4 Seasons Kuda Huran and 4 Seasons Larda Guraavaru with 4 days traveling through Male and Baa Atolls aboard the 4 Seasons Explorer which is a “liveaboard” catamaran.  Discover untouched reefs and shipwrecks as you dive or snorkel.  Explore local islands tourists rarely see.

Another excursion would have you visit another resort, an uninhabited island and an habited island on an all-day tour.  There would be ample time to snorkel, swim and finish the day with a barbeque on the beach.
Each island has something different and special to offer but island-hopping is one of those “must do” adventures.  There are several types of tours.  Some appeal to hiking through forests and others include taking the traditional dhow or dhoni to a private beach picnic.  There are large and small cruise lines also available.

There’s Always More To Do

How about giving night fishing a try by sitting in a small boat with waves slapping the side and the moon and stars lighting the scene. You will catch varieties of fish not caught during the daylight hours.

Or, go whale and dolphin watching. The Maldives is one of the top 5 spots in the world for this escapade.  There are 100’s or even 1000’s of species of dolphins here.  You can also spot whales, the most common being the Blue Whale, the Sperms Whale and the Bryde’s Whale.

If you have ever been on a cruise you may have already seen Stingrays, but swimming among them in their natural habitat is breath taking.  They are very curious and gentle and love to suck the food right out of your hand.

Ever Want To Sail On A Dhoni?

Perhaps you want to charter a Dhoni for a rare and unforgettable experience. If you have ever wondered, the Dhoni is a cultural icon in the Maldives. It is a traditional fishing craft handmade from coconut palm timber. The Dhoni used to be completely handmade beginning with measurements taken by a Master Carpenter and instructions given to carpenters and apprentices.  Currently, it is a multi-function sailboat using a motor or lateen sails and can be leased for charter.  It handles 2-6 and is an amazing way to island-hop and appreciate the culture of Maldives.

The islands have an extensive fishing fleet the building hub of which is on Alifushi in Raa Atoll.  Newer boats are made of fiberglass and use diesel motors.  Most are used by local fishermen, some are chartered for island hopping and others are used for dive and snorkeling trips. The Stella I and II are modern versions used exclusively for private charter, carrying 2-6.



















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